Custom Dealer Videos Sample – Introduction Video to Marysville Ford

This was a custom introduction video that we created to help tie together the rest of our licensed series for Marysville Ford. They wanted to focus on the quality of their new facility, and also their unique staff and commitment to being involved at the community level. This video is shown to nearly all BDC leads to help “slow the customer down”. This video can be seen live at their site by clicking here!

At What’s Next Media we believe the quality of your videos directly reflects the quality of your brand or business. So if you’re looking for a fully custom dealer videos that will best represent your brand, then we’re here to help. We can help give you options to execute your ideas and bring them to life! We offer custom content packages for any size dealership or any sized market.¬†Tell us the video ideas you have in mind and we will help you execute them, within budget.

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