How to use Video Pages to Sell Cars Online

 Many ageless dealers might even be first asking, “How can my website help me sell cars - let alone a video page?” 

The real question to ask about your dealership’s E-commerce opportunities is: “how much is an appointment worth to you?”

 Most dealers experience roughly a 50%-60% closing rate on set appointments. The average profit per copy on most used deals is around $2,500 front and back. So a 60% chance at that gross profit – would mean that EVERY SINGLE appointment to your store is worth around $1,500 in real money… That figure is even higher for many high quality dealers. When you look at the real value of an appointment it becomes clear the question isn’t, “Where can I get more car deals?” but “Where can I get more appointments?” The internet is where you go to find more appointments, video landing pages is how you do it.  

 There is ONE thing that dealers have gotten correct about using the internet to sell cars when they say: “The internet doesn’t sell cars.” They are right. HERE IS A FACT: The only person in your dealership that sells cars… is the finance guy. Every other person in your dealership just talks about cars, or talks about numbers, or talks about ideas. Your finance guy is the ONLY one “selling cars.” Remember that. Everything else along the way for your prospects is just another step in the process; your website should be no different! 81% shop online before coming into the dealership so back to the original question: “How can we use my videos to help dig for, and mine valuable appointments out of this section of the market?” Enter – the video page! A tiny but powerful tool for building value online for prospects. 

There are two benefits to a dedicated video pages on your site: 

1. This first value of Video Pages are that they build value in the “relevancy” of your main site by offering a more specific place to share your video content. These pages link back to your main page and inventory and yet they also have their own relevant, searchable content. Once a prospect lands on any one of your video landing pages they are offered up additional video content at the same time in a sidebar. (Exactly what YouTube itself does, very easy) 

 2. The second side of a video page is that it builds value in your specific services and products and gives you a place to send filtered web traffic. These video pages can create a much more desirable “landing site” than your main page for prospects focused on the content in your videos. Once the prospect has “landed” at a site like this, the next step is the same as it is on the lot: “bring them inside”. These Video Landing Pages “redirect” their traffic right back to your main site, or your contact forms, or most importantly to another video page to see more of your content. 

These two benefits of Video Landing Pages are very different, yet are almost always achieved at the same time if applied correctly. The next time your dealership is involved in an outdoor truck rally, sponsor the event with a video, and a video page hosting that video and you can do two things differently. The first is track how much traffic came in from that particular event, and gauge whether or not the interest dictates repeating your involvement the next year. And the second, you'll be able to give the customers that are generated with this “advertising” a video page landing site that will be something you know they will enjoy like a video you created for them during the event, or about the event and see related videos from your dealership. 

Remember, the trick to mastering Video Pages is remembering what an appointment is truly worth, and setting them up so that all roads lead back to your dealership AFTER you have had a chance to “slow the customer down”. Imagine if you could build an entrance to your dealership at the local mud race, or at the local parts store, or at the weekend stock car event. With targeted Video Pages you can have you virtual dealership connected all over the internet, and all roads leading back to your “main” store online. If your “main” site is designed to add value to your actual location, your actual processes , and your actual products… then all those little fingers that Video Landing Pages help put out into the internet, eventually lead right back to your sales process… and eventually all the way to your finance manager – so you can sell some cars! 


 Andrew Myers 

COO - What's Next Media

ABOUT WHAT'S NEXT MEDIA: WNM is an auto-exclusive video company based out of Seattle, WA. We combine car people with video talent, and our pantented CGI processes, creating one-of-a-kind branded dealer automotive video. 3908 Aurora Ave, Seattle, WA | 206.478.8721 

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